Data Science Weekend 2018

Data Science Weekend 2018

Data Science Weekend (DSW) dedicates itself to helping starting professionals, communities and students achieve their goals by utilizing the knowledge and practices of data science. DSW is a series of data festival as well as a gathering platform for nation’s and world’s leading thinkers and doers in data science. Nowadays, data science is closely linked to rapidly growing technologies that also utilize the internet as its core called the Internet Of Things (IoT). Therefore at Data Science Weekend 2018, IoT will accompany data science as the main discussions of the event.

Located in Serpong, DSW celebrates the theme of Fast Forward and will show the rapid development of technology from this moment to 10 years ahead. We as the users of technology, must know and be prepared to welcome technological progress yet to come.

Data Science Weekend 2018 is expected to help the participants to foresee the forthcoming technological developments especially in Data Science and IoT for the next 10 years with a focus on human automation, human experience, openness and security.


We are talking about the next 10 years, imagine a world where.
  • Every small things in our surrounding are connected to internet – doors, lamps, car, mobile phone, watch, TV, etc
  • All of it interacting and communicating with each other in a single network
  • Ordering your lunch or coffee using a self-serve computer screen instead of speaking to a human, sit back and relax while your car drive itself to your destination are some examples of the future.
For this very reason, today’s industries are talking up the need to fast forward the development.

We welcome you to embrace the excitement of expectations, development, enlightenment and various other processes at the intersection of Data Science and IoT at DSW 2018!  

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