[Upcoming Event] DSI Meetup 6.0

[Upcoming Event] DSI Meetup 6.0

Join DSI Meet Up 6.0, our regular event and get inspired with many new friends, and the knowledge of Data Science, Data Analytics, and of course, DataViz!

Our friends:

- Wahyu Dhyatmika

- Eka Aulia

- Manunggal Sukendro

- Satrio Prabandaru

- Afif Akbar Iskandar

will share their what they've been working on related to Data Science.

And also, there will be an open program in a form of "DSI mini expo" for you who interested to join DSI programs/projects.

This MeetUp 6.0 is open for anyone on May 20th, 2017 at 10 a.m in Ariobimo Sentral, Kuningan - Jakarta (http://s.id/Ariobimo/). 

It's free!